True? Petrol from Air... english scientists

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  2. Much less complex is Nitrogen + Hydrogen to form NH3, Anhydrous Ammonia. Very energy dense fuel.

    What the heck are these numbskulls doing?
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    We don't even need the "petrol" as they say. Hydrogen alone can be used to power future vehicles.

    The reason you don't see hydrogen cars and fueling stations all over is that to separate the hydrogen from water you have to put in energy. So, why bother to use that energy to split water molecules when we can use the energy dirctly as fuel or electricity?

    Since the process described requires splitting water molecules, it is no more efficient than the harvesting of hydrogen from water alone. In fact, it requires even more steps.

    So, it's not a solution.
  4. hydrogen , what could go wrong?:D
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    It could help weed out some of the less intelligent among us like IQ-47. Every time you hear a boom you know the population just got a little smarter on average.
  6. hadn't thought of it that way.

    Reminds me of when I was in college I had a mouse problem.
    A trap would go off in the middle of the night waking me and I'd laugh and rollover go back to sleep thinking "another one bites the dust".

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  7. It's the energy source that is the critical component. They're making synthetic fuel but they still have to get the energy
    to charge the molecular bonds and that energy is currently sourced from electricity. It's only a clean process in its production if they can get the energy from a clean source, like hydroelectricity.
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    Here's the competition:

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