True Legendary Trading Stories

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    I'm starting this thread in hopes of generating specific stories of "legendary" trades of which the writer has personal knowledge.

    I'll start with my own:

    While trading with Tim Sykes in 1999, I traded a joint account for Tim and myself. At the time I turned the account over to the firm to concentrate on my own trading, we had a small position of 19,000 ENN (Equity Inns), which was under water by about $20k.

    A few months later I learned that Tim had "added to the position in ENN." I believe his exact words were,"I bought a little more."

    A week later I learned that "a little more" was 1,000,000 shares.
    It seems 'adding to a loser' does work sometimes.
    After the stock had rallied $2-3 dollars, Tim told me he had lightened up on his position. Each week, Tim told me he was 'lightening up.'

    After about two months of lightening up, I found out he was down to ONLY 986,000 shares!!

    I think he's collected about a 13% dividend during the whole time he's owned it, on top of the capital gains. I'm not sure if he still has a position.
  2. Is this a joke? This is originally a story about Bob Bright told by Thetraderprofit.
    Please tell me this is satire.
  3. Completely false. I don't appreciate this outright lie.
  4. one guy i know loaded up on hls 300k ( avg .42) hls after it dropped like a rock and sold his shares at avg of 9, i did look stupid telling him to take profits at 4 lol
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    One down two to go. Got any legendary trading stories about a porn star or a Rabbi?
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