True Lawsuit for recovery of property stolen to Jews 3300 years ago :D

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    "A Truly Historic Lawsuit for recovery of property allegedly stolen during the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt approximately 3300 years ago"

    "According to Dr. Hilmi’s mathematical computations, which include an annual doubling in value of the material in question, 1,125 trillion tons of gold are owed by the Jews for each of the 300 tons he estimates was taken. And that doesn’t include interest, which he claims, without explanation, should be calculated for 5758 years."

    "What is your source ?" Geviha asked the Egyptian representatives. "The Torah," they replied.
    "Very well," said Geviha, "I too will invoke the Torah, which says that the Jews spent 430 years laboring in Egypt. Please compensate us for 600,000 men’s work for that period of time." :D

  2. Man, gotta love that Jewish humour :p

    Hope they won't sue the Italy for all the sins the Romans commited during 1000 years :D
  3. Wouldnt that lawsuit be aged after lets say .. 18 months? :)


  4. stolen property should be returned to its rightful owner, although the time element is a bit absurd.

    Imagine if owners of a business gave away secret info (like a source code ie. to a popular video game) and then tried to claim that it was stolen especially if it was spoken information. In today's world, clowns will try anything to cover their tracks and lawsuits do arise on any impropriety. :D
  5. I'll claim that one of my ancestors invented the wheel some 10.00 years ago and have it patented as a result :D
  6. Then your right to get money from it will run out 30 years from the invention and you will receive:

    6.000 nuts
    1.000 pieces of meat
    2.500 wooden, spiked clubs
    2.000 hairy, 200lbs-clean-on-the-hook Neanderthal women

    Sounds like someone is gonna throw a party ;)

  7. Did those exodus guys settle their tax-debts before they left egypt? Why I think NOT!


  8. ROTFL!!!
  9. Here's something similar: the company "Despair Inc." (well known for its demotivators) registered ":-(" as a trademark;
    after it was granted (no joke, it was!), it threatened to sue millions of email users for unauthorized copyright infringements: