True Grit

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  1. I'm sure the new "True Grit" is going to be pretty good, but c'mon NO-ONE can replace the Duke. Hit the play button to watch one of the greatest movie scenes ever.

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  2. Wallet


    From one Duke fan to another, I agree, but in the new one I'm guessing they take Rooster's character from a rough, mean when he needs to be but likable character, and replace it with a dark, sinister SOB.

    At least that's what I'm hoping for.

    Where's my popcorn?
  3. newtoet


    I am really excited about this movie - the cast looks great. Damon is proving himself to be one of the best actors of our generation.
  4. Prime moving going age is too young to even remember John Wayne.

    I am looking forward to this movie.
  5. Wallet


    Loved the Movie, true to the plot but a completely different feel for the script from the original.

    Jeff Bridges gets an A+, mean old SOB

    Damon plays his part well but I didn't care for the Randolph Scott Uber good guy in the white hat approach they took, would have liked to see LaBoeuf's character a tad more hard and weathered.

    Josh Brolin was lost on his part of Tom Chaney, no character development, little more than a cameo appearance imo.

    Haliee Steinfield plays a better Mattie Ross.

    Would like to see it again.
  6. This one was way better than the original. The scene between Mattie and the horse trader, which was very good in the original, was downright hilarious in this one. ("Are we trading again?")
    There were some interesting variations here and there that have me thinking I need to read the book to see which one was in the novel and which was changed for the movie. If anyone's read the book, did Mattie show him the plot where he was to be buried, as in the first movie, or did he die without seeing it as in this one?
  7. They did a good job, I give it 4 out of 5 eye patches. The young lady stole the show.

    Rennick Shallot out:cool: