True Beauty?

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  1. I'm sure some of you have watched this before. I just thought I would share...

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  2. no duh. everyone knows that models in magazines and brochures and catalogs, as well as actresses in film, are not as beautiful in real life. all the makeup, hair, clothes and visual editing glamorizes them.

    even simple things like makeup and hair styling can easily add 2 points to any woman. ie, a "6" chick can become an 8 with 45 minutes of makeup and hair, little else.

    most of these celebrities like kim kardashian, et al, are 4's or 5's au natural
  3. That's true. The hot babes we see on magazine and on TV are actually just average looking women when they are without all those professional makeup and the Photoshop.

    Here is what Eva Longoria looks like with and without makeup.

    Without make-up, she looks like a creature you have to fight at the last stage of some video game!!! lol
  5. lmao, it doesn't even look like the same person!:eek:
  6. Yep, so, to all those guys (including myself) who have trouble talking to beautiful women, just think of how that hottie look like without all the makeup and you would have no problem!

  7. yep this is very true. i have friends on facebook and myspace, and they post their pictures that make them look like 8's and 9's. in real life they're 5's and 6's. occasionally, a girl will look almost as attractive without makeup but for the most part, i use the +2 rule i mentioned earlier.

    something i learned long ago when it comes to blind dates: the first date tells you nothing about how the girl looks. it's the 2nd and 3rd dates, when she uses less and less makeup, that reveals the honest (and sometimes ugly) truth :D
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    I think J Love and Julia Roberts were the most decent looking of the bunch.....
  10. This clip is years old.

    Worse, Dove, the humanitarian brand that created this video, is now marketing Dove for Men! Yeah, because Dove wants to help Men's self-esteem. It's all about money.
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