Trudeau's approval rating drops below Trump's

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TreeFrogTrader, Mar 28, 2019.

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  3. That's just you being inward-looking.
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    I was having dinner in Texas one night and with customers who I didn’t want to offend.
    They were trashing Trump.
    Just blasting him with the same nareshkeit that we hear from our forum retard liars.

    Anyways one of my colleagues is Canadian (and the stupid young Latina customer of mine said to him “I wish we had the Canadian President. Trudeau. He’s awesome”.
    My colleague said “oh yeah? What do you like about him?”
    She said ... and I kid you not ... “uhhhh he has nice hair...”

    This is your electorate, America!!
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  6. Should have told her that Pierre Trudeau was completely bald, but Castro had hair - just to keep the conversation lively. I doubt that that would offend her.

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    “Trudeau’s approval rating drops below Trump’s”

    Is the title of this thread a dig at Trudeau or Trump?

    You better watch out, @TreeFrogTrader, the gestapo on this board will accuse you of colluding with CNN if you dare to think about anything other than No Collusion!

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    As a country, we don’t talk about Trump’s hair enough.
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