Truckers Piss On Speculators/Traders?!

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  1. Caught this image on the side of an 18 wheeler driving fast, while I was on the way to Wilmington from NYC yesterday.


    precursor to massive public hatred of wall street?

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    As long as they leave Chicago speculators out of it, it's ok :)
  3. 18 (I.Q.) wheels of justice!

    A truck driver's IQ is not as high as the number of gears they have to shift!
  4. Actually there's a truck driver in my trading club and he seems like an especially bright guy to me.

    My observation is that the circumstances that lead people to their various jobs has almost no correlation to intelligence. I've met morons with degrees that should be hauling trash. I've met auto mechanics with an astonishing knowledge of literature and history. Go figure.
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  6. You think that might have been in response to $147 oil last year?
    Got any pics of your novia taking a leak on the side of the road making yellow snow amigo?
  7. Sad. Ever since that bonehead Mark Barton exploded and shot the place up down here in 1999, we just don't get any respect.

    Respect by outsiders is overrated anyway. :mad:
  8. I've had to deal with too many of those truck drivers and their antics where I used to work.

    That truck driver just yelled the equivalent of ''Fire!'' in a crowded room.

    There are a majority of the common people agreeing that there should be a transaction tax to punish the evil speculators. Little do they know how much the tax will cost their own IRA's, and the cost of commodities and the resulting higher costs for everything.

    If the driver is referring to the cost of oil being driven up by speculators: the cost of oil would have gone up 4 times higher and stayed up years longer if all sorts of people had been hoarding physical quantities of oil, diesel, heating fuel and gasoline instead of tossing contracts around.
  9. ========================
    Market surfer,Remember what your bright kid said on technical analysis said ''its squiggly lines not stealing'' Cool.

    Likable kid!-great quote, i wrote that one down

    Maybe they hate actions like your actions promoting a website where you posted a link that was a rip off, the rip off brokers had a handgun picture , talking about robbing banks .
    Then you ''quoted George Soros,'' as if to rubber stamp bank robbery /disrespect the FBI,same POST.....................................

    Are you saying you do not hate the idea of people robbing you.???????????????????????????????????????????????

    I dont hate antbody @LEH , but i hated it[blame game] when the blame game ceo of LEHMAN blamed short sellers, didnt you hate that surf???????????

    I hope they dont make this a hate crime/using the word hate;
    but hope you neverAGAIN post stuff worthy of intense hated like you did.

    :D How is your kid doing, any more good quotes?????????????

    murray TT
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    Not unlike countries where the leaders maintain and encourage hatred of the U.S. to stay in power. Is this any different? Our politicians are responsible for the current economic conditions, yet they wear no blame. The media is in their pocket, so Wall Street is the focus, keeping the eyes of the American public in the dark about the real villains...the very people we keep re electing.

    Of course, I blame the media first, politicians second. It is they who have really let us down.
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