TRT a perfect stock, up 50% today

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    Well, I hope everyone can enjoy the ride. Hedge funds are adding more shares today. It will be pushed higher, since MktCap is so small. Could be another 10 bagger this year.

    This is a no BS stock. No debt, great earnings every Q, and sudden deal finally came. Research pays off!

    qll, 90% I touch becomes gold!
  2. So you want people to chase it now that it has already gone up 50% in one day?

    Do you have any supporting links showing that hedge funds are continuing to buy this equity?
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    consider i submit research to many hedge funds directly.
    take a look at my past
    PARL, i found it at $3.5 level, submitted it with HOOK and CTGI to funds. they picked PARL and rejected HOOK and CTGI. I got out at $11, and it went $30, beause they only told me they would buy it and a lot of it, did not tell me how much they will shoot the baby to.
    The sec time, I selected PAE, it went from $0.4 to $1.5.
    Now, it is TRT. I don't see it is peaking yet. In good market time with the help from company 10Q, they often shoot the stock for 10X. If 10Q does not support it, they then will dump. So on TRT, you got 4-5 months with no 10Q Earning Release Risk but pure hedge fund push.
    Enjoy the ride. Do you own research. Read the 10Q to find WTF it is up 50% today.
  4. Hope you realize that putting out positive research to hedge funds on stocks you own is a serious conflict of interest.

    Also, after looking over some of your picks, this seems like a more elaborate pump & dump scheme.

    TRT does have debt, not much, but they do work their accounts payable and slowly growing long term debt. Their cash flow is slowly dampened by accounts receivables growing faster than net income.

    Worst of all, this is a micro cap on AMEX. which tend to go illiquid after the hedge funds & daytraders lose interest.

    But it has the makings of a gem, will keep my eye on it. I wonder how reliable is that dividend.
  5. Trust me, it's all bullshit. Just take a look at all of his previous posts.
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    I'm in. Loaded up my account with it along with my retirement accounts. Thx for the tip.
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    1. i disclosed my interest in those stocks. hedge fund managers know why i exchange info with them. i tell them what stocks are good, in return, they tell me of which they will buy without telling me how many shares they will buy.

    2. TRT was just a safe safe safe stock. Just a stock better than a CD, with little down turn risks. Often, good things happen to safe stocks. That is the case here. My other stock HRSH is doing exactly the same thing. No movement for years, then suddenly a great Q to lead the price to a new level. 50% gain in a few days too.

    3. AMEX is the exchange with the highest % of multi baggers. Reason: AMEX stocks tend to go 1 direction for long time. So you see flat, then trend, and then reverse. Those are perfect for positions traders. Nasdaq is for swing traders and scalpers, not for investors. Nasdaq is like sea, a lot of water going up and down in waves without really moving. AMEX is like a river, it goes one direction until it finds home.
  9. Yep, the river is really getting deep in this thread. I like the tip that amex stocks flow in one direction. I'm pretty sure all stocks flow in one direction, at least until they change directions. They are either moving up, down, or sideways. I PREDICT stocks will continue to move in those three directions long after I am dead. Now I hope everyone will take my prediction and profit from it the best way they can.:D
  10. Oh, and just for the record the "bullshit" mentioned in my last post was about you saying you do research for hedgefunds.

    Did you know this company is not followed by any analysts? Did you know the only reason why this company showed to make a profit was because it sold some property from discontinued Ireland operations? It really lost 107 million last quarter.

    Yeah, I'm sure you do lots of research.
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