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  1. Not sure if the mobo or cpu is broken. Right now nothing is turning on. Is it possible to just power on a pc without the cpu installed?
  2. Depending on the BIOS/motherboard, you might just get a beeping sound and that's it. Check to see if the light on your motherboard is coming on when u fire it up. If not, then you have a defective power supply. It is one of the first components to die on a PC. You can easily replace it, just take the one you have to MicroCenter or some other store and u can get a new one for about $30 assuming that is the problem. Other things to check are the power cable, the outlet, etc.
  3. What kind of a computer is it?

    If it is a Dell, you will not be able to replace it with an inexpensive aftermarket power supply from Antec, etc.

    You will have to go to PC Power & Cooling and it will most likely run you $89.95 or thereabouts if it is a Dell.
  4. I use dells exclusively and have replaced to power supplies with Antec (funny that you mention that brand) on 2 of them. I got the 450w ATX but I took the old one with me to the store to make sure it will fit. It is quieter and more powerful than the original. Might be worth a try.

    It would help if the OP posted the computer brand and model.
  5. I just had a power outage/surge blow through all of my surge protectors and take out the supply. Funny thing is the internal supply fuses were not blown and there were no fried parts. Surge protector outlet (piece of garbage) didn't even reset. Just dead as a doornail.

    I found what they don't tell you on the ATX supplies is you have to short the green (pin 14) 20pin wire to a black (pin 13) ground to have a return path and get the fan going, otherwise it looks perfectly dead when probing for volltages.

    Long story short, I had an old supply on hand and replaced it. Worked like a charm.

    DEAD DEAD DEAD computer? Try replacing the supply, but take it out and verify it's dead first (must short green and black wire to do this).
  6. Its not power supply.. i have 2 of them... i think i fried my motherboard replacing the heatsink/fan.
  7. Wow... that's a bummer. Did you hear a static spark or something? Otherwise, check the power connector for the fan you installed. It might be causing a short.

    Unfortunately, if you fried your motherboard, it is easy to have fried some RAM or an expansion card. Once you get the thing going, I strongly suggest you put components in 1 at a time and then boot to make sure everything is ok.

    Good luck.
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    Wonder if anyone can shed light on a similar problem I have had with 2 memory sticks having to be taken out over the last year as they were casuing a boot failure. One failed after the power cut out and restarted when i was booting, and the other I think also failed on a day when the power was cutting/browning out. I supect that a spike may have been exacerbated by the line interactive UPS I am using which can actually boost a spike under certain conditions - need to replace with one that totally isolates the mains signal.

    Funny thing is that the gold on the contacts of both RAM sticks which had been in place working for 3 years previously seemed to be damaged. I find ity hard to believe that the gold, albeit micron thin was vapourised but if there was a surge then perhaps this was possible even with a 220v socket. I doubt, but cannot eliminate that the problem was caused or worsened by the PC builder using secondhand RAM that had been been damaged and was sthus more vulnerable.

    Any thoughts?
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    Internally motherboards run on 12 and 5v, at these I don't think anything would get vapirized. Burnout is another issue. Ram runs on 2-2.5 volts depending on the company/model, if it gets higher then that it would burn out. But nothing should happen to the connectors.