Trouble with new TradeStation version

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by riley, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. riley


    Has anybody else just downloaded the latest build of TradeStation and not be able to get it operating?I am now on hold with them. I hope this can get going soon.
  2. It's not the new version - their whole network is down and seems to be affecting all users on all versions.

  3. MB Trading just suspended, too. This will make a nice conspiracy theory if the market tanks today.
  4. IB is up and running :) I'm using quotetracker as a TS backup but I still miss my custom indicators!!!

    The problem is that TS had problems yesterday too. Two problems days in a row-- NOT GOOD!

  5. Lately, my TS (version7.2 )has been freezing when the volume surges in the market. Has anyone noticed the same lately?

  6. Luto


    Confirmed here.

    This AM was bad at the open and then at the econ report.
  7. The last week or so, the TS network has definitely been very flaky.