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  1. It seems sinse I started trading, I haven't been getting the sleep I need. I keep thinking about what my stock will do the second the bell rings and weather or not I'll make or lose a ton of money.

    Sometimes I stay up all night just so I can make it to the opening bell before passing out some place. As a result, I've missed my classes, cant focus, and my schedule gets all screwed up.

    I dont want to take sleeping pills, so what do you guys do?

  2. I will be very honest and upfront here. Your going to have to get yourself under control. Since you are going to school and I suspect that you are young, I would say to give up active trading (for now).

    The symptons you have described will only get worse and IT WILL effect your social, work, school life negatively. I have been there and done that. I have lost a lot of quality time trying to fit trading into my schedule.

    Why not swing trade? Find stocks that you can hold for 2-4 months. It will require a lot less time and you wont have to be at the monitor all day long.

    On a side note, you should probably major in Business if this is what you want to do with the rest of your life. However, now is the time where you should be having fun not active trading.
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    Melatonin. I was referred to it by someone else -- it works.
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    Or just trade things where you can go to sleep; where you feel comfortable with what you have at risk. Or like the other poster said dont trade overnite or at all etc ...
  5. Stop trading Cash. The market will be there after you complete your education, build some capital, and mature a little more. I mean no dis-respect, but you're not ready for this if it's keeping you up at night. This has nothing to do with age, as some people twice your age aren't mature enough to trade with proper perspective. Trading is just one small part of life. Some time off will give you a better perspective.
  6. trazadone. no side effects that I know of. not habit forming. take before bedtime. month supply about 5 bucks. you'll need a prescription.
  7. What you are talking about is a gambling addiction. Step back for a few months until you get your life in order. Your priority at this point is your education, not trading. Your education will be there long after you've blown your umpteenth account. The markets have existed for millions of years (even cave men traded one thing for another :)). I'm sure the markets will be here when you graduate.

    When you get back into trading, start with swing trading using smaller lots. This will facilitate your studying, trading, and overall enjoying life.

    On a less serious note, you are in college...look around bro. I'm sure you can spot a few honeys that will take you mind off things for a bit. If you can't...ask for a friggin transfer.
  8. with time should go away...was like that, altough not that bad when i started, now i sleep like a babe.
  9. Reduce your size.

    If you're a're being a moron. Study!

    You've got the rest of your life to give your money away to the markets.


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    There's an old joke about the investor who never used any stop losses. His friend knew his big positions were getting crushed. Out of concern, the friend asked, "How are you sleeping?"

    "Like a baby" he answered.
    "Really? You aren't nervous or upset?"
    "I sleep like a baby" he repeated.
    "That's amazing. I'd never be able to sleep through the night with those types of losses."
    "Who said anything about sleeping through the night? I said I slept like a baby: I wake up every two hours, wet myself and cry for 30 minutes before falling back to sleep."

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