Trouble sleeping :(

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Kastro_316, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Hey guys

    The past few week's I have had some trouble sleeping. I trade Forex and stocks, and studying for my securities right now.

    I find my self thinking about my trades, my open trades, new trades...I then get up and go back on my computer. It's 12:30am right now and I have so much on my mind.

    Does anyone have a routine they follow to fall asleep when they have trades open or closed?

    Thanks for listening

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    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = :p
  3. don't use sleeping pills - causes dependence fairly quickly.

    Exercise works pretty well.
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    Hot yoga worked well for me.
  5. Cheese


    Well sometimes when I go to bed I fall to sleep so damn quickly I don't have the chance to even think about it for long.
    If on the other hand I lay awake with my 'built in computer' processing stuff my attitude is I don't give a sh*t and so I stay completely relaxed.
    Also if at home, I can get into the sack and take a catnap anytime when I feel I've run out of energy.
  6. No problems sleeping....

    ....but some crazy dreams!
  7. trazadone. Great stuff. Not addictive. Cost about 5.00 for 30 pills. I've taken it since '94
  8. try exercising/ working out

    the only reason why you can't sleep is because

    1) you eat too much food

    2) you don't burn off the calories.

    If you were outside doing construction all day, you'd be sleeping like a baby.
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    try this-
  10. LOL. Im saving that one.
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