Trouble in nano-land

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  1. What effect will this info (if supported by further research) have on nano stocks?

    Nanoparticles Toxic in Aquatic Habitat, Study Finds

    The first study to look at the health effects of microscopic, manufactured "nanoparticles" on aquatic animals has found troubling evidence that the molecules -- which scientists are starting to make for research and industry -- can trigger organ damage and other toxic effects. At modest concentrations in aquarium water, the minuscule particles -- which are made of carbon atoms and are less than one-thousandth the diameter of a human hair -- triggered damaging biochemical reactions in the brains of fish. They also wiped out entire populations of "water fleas," tiny animals that fill an ecologically crucial niche near the bottom of the aquatic food chain. The study, described at a scientific meeting yesterday, was small and has yet to be peer reviewed or published in a scientific journal. And although some companies anticipate making tons of the particles within the next few years, current production levels are relatively low, so the risk of exposure for humans and other animals is still quite small. Nonetheless, the findings underscore the growing recognition that the hot new field of nanotechnology, which federal officials have said will be at the heart of America's "next industrial revolution," may bring with it a number of old-fashioned trade-offs in terms of potential environmental damage and health risks. (29-Mar-04) Washington Post
  2. since our sounds are filling up with sewage effluent and the clean water act is violated every day while the federal government looks the other way, I don't think anything less than a waterborn plague will make any difference.
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    Most likely won't have much effect on the stocks, but it will eventually have an effect on fish and meat eating