Trouble for Remote Traders who stream a lot of data.

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  1. Comcast to make monthly Internet use cap official
    Thursday August 28, 6:21 pm ET
    Comcast to set official limit on Internet use to deter bandwidth hogs

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Comcast Corp., the nation's second-largest Internet service provider, Thursday said it would set an official limit on the amount of data subscribers can download and upload each month.
  2. A trader doesn't use half that much bandwdth in a year, let alone a month. This is a non issue in that regard.
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    damn, you americans get more than 250 a month?? i only get 60 here (canada). dont aussies get something like 12 a month?

    with 60 i have to limit the amount of porn i watch per month. ive hit the limit twice, and my cable company cuts you off for the remainder of the month :mad:

    i stream quotes from a couple thousand of stocks and i use about 10 gigs a month for trading
  4. 250 gigs is more than enough. This cap seems to be more targeted toward people who download and upload pirated movies and such. Even with a healthy porn habit, I would suspect it would be tough to hit the limit.
  5. Man, you guys are living in the past.

    I get 100 Mbps down and up and no bandwidth cap. Actually a bandwidth cap would put a lot of the HD movies on demand services out of business here. Yep, 1st run movies available 1 - 3 months later via HD internet cable box. Included in the 20 USD / month rental. A library of various movie and tv series titles also available on demand. Note that this is in no way the same as the pathetic pay-per-view offered in the US. Completely different. It is like having Neflix on demand 24/7.

    By the way my charge for my 100 Mbps pipe? I want to say 15 USD / month, but I'll stretch and say 25, even though I know it isn't near that.

    Oh, final point. All of the above has been available to me for at least two years, more like three or four.
  6. This should be fun for Verizon to trash comcast in their ads.

    BTW fios blows away comcast in terms of speed.

    THANK GOD for competition.
  7. Which country are you in? Chile (looking at your ET handle)?
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    I've read that ATT is going to start doing this too. I use the basic DSL service, but I have no idea how much bandwidth I take up. I often see the activity light on the DSL modem blink even when I'm not doing anything, I wonder how much bandwidth is being used "behind the scenes" so to speak.
  9. Chile a long time ago. Great place. California of the early 1940's.

    Now, somewhere in first world Asia. Seriously, when I saw what was here in terms of high tech, I hung my head in shame. All of that plus beautiful women, incredibly respectful teenagers, walk the worst neighborhoods 24/7 with complete safety etc etc!

    It is not exactly paradise, but when you see a 4 year old holding a 2 year old's hand as they walk a few blocks to the corner grocery store to get a snack... BY THEMSELVES... you quickly realize that something is SERIOUSLY wrong in America. We lost our moral compass a long time ago.
  10. Very nice....from your description (particularly the safety factor), I'd guess Singapore.
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