Trouble again:

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Cheese, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Cheese


    Won't recognize me when I log in today.
    Very frustrating. So can't get into Livecharts.

    Anyone else having a problem with them?

    Would be grateful for any help/comment.
  2. jhburton


    yeah,major sh!t breakdown for the past two days, finally hit livechart.
  3. sammybea


    lol.. Qcharts. Left them a while ago. Wanted to step up my game, and realized that was my weak link. Not promoting anyone else, just saying i am much happier on a day like this.
  4. rickty


    My qcharts is working OK but Quotetracker with the same feed refuses to respond even though it says it's connected and running.

  5. Me too. Worst aggravating thing is was logged in one machine but logged out cause I thought that was the reason I could not log in on another PC. Then I could not get into LC on either one! It's not my only data source of course but that got me really pissed !
  6. Cheese


    jhburton, thanks for your input.

    You know how it is .. the service goes fut and you always wonder irrationally whether are only doing this to you!

    Do any others want to check it and report?

    Thanks again.
  7. Cheese


    Kicking, yeah, exactly, thought so too - logged in on one PC and then another one.
  8. has the gall to constantly barrage you with requests to refer people to them while delivering frequent disconnects. I'd drop them in a heartbeat except I have too much mental capital invested in their software.
  9. Atlantic


    from their status page:

    LiveCharts System Status


    We are currently experiencing a login issue with our LiveCharts service. Our Operation team are currently working on resolving this issue ASAP.

    but why do those things always happen to the best trading times ...?
  10. rickty

    rickty feed to QT just started working (7:38AM PST).
    #10     Dec 4, 2003