trouble adding PCI video card with PCI-E card 3 LCDS

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jtnet, Dec 13, 2007.

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    im trying to go for 3 LCDS, currently have PCI-E Geforce 7500LE with DVI and vga slot, i added in a Geforce FX550 just PCI dual head card because i only had the one PCI-E slot. and i cant get both of them to run or the computer will freeze before i get to my login screen, i can login through safe mode, is it even possible to be running a setup like this?

    in device manager, it shows no errors, i dont know that the problem is, i am pretty good with computer. and suggestions?

    this was originally an HP pavillion a6077c computer.

    please help
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    <img src="">
  3. Sounds like it should work... just fishing here

    1. Vista? (of so, sorry)

    2. Are the drivers for the 2 cards different? Do you have both drivers installed? If so, uninstall the driver for the 2nd card. If that doesn't work, uninstall the driver for both cards and see if the OS library driver will run them properly.

    3. No onboard video, correct? If so, disable in BIOS.

    4. If none of those work, you could reinstall the OS.

    5. Maybe those cards are incompatible

    6. Get a Dell!!
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    got it working, uniinstalled the cards from device manager and reboot, seemed to work fine from there.