Troops returning

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  1. What reaction by the market tomorrow if any? Anticipated?
  2. Iff I new, wide would I wanna tell you?
  3. And since you can't spell you wouldn't have to worry about your opinion being taken seriously.
  4. pspr


    Probably not noticeable to the market. Any effect is already priced in.

    I just hope we don't have to go back in there to save the day.
  5. Kubinec


    I hope it crashes, because I have puts on that madafaka.
  6. Zero. That's only the last combat brigade. Approximately 50,000 will remain. And they have plenty of capability to conduct combat operations if necessary.

  7. :D
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    Just in time to ship'em over to Iran.
  10. 50,000 to remain. Another "Mission Acomplished! Banner" in order?:D
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