Trolling is Most Important Occupation in World

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  1. Trolling means fishing with many lines or hooks.

    More than 2 Billion people survive from fishing. So trolling is the most important occupation and business in the world.

    If you post an online poll then majority of people will say "Google trolls the web".

    So all search engines trolls the web or internet. Without search engines there will be no internet traffic.

    Basically without trolling there will be no internet traffic. Think about it.

    Why do some forum members get banned and the reason given "trolling"?

    Troll means fish by drawing bait along in water. Read original English Dictionary.

    Troll also means sing in carefree spirit.

    There are only 2 meanings for troll. 1) Fishing and 2) Sing carefree.

    Google crawls the web for information. Forum members also crawls the web for information.

    What is the difference between Google and Forum members?

    Internet survives from crawling and trolling. Excellent.

    Forum members also search for information in forums and also share information. Why are some forum members termed as "trolls"?

    Forum members must also be known as "crawlers" because they crawl the internet for information.

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  3. Bearice is the most important troll in the world and he is back.

    Internet survives because of Bearice. I am the most respected and dangerous man on the internet. I am the rightful owner of internet and internet belongs to me.
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  5. They should ban bottom dragging and restore hand lineing liscences to fisherman in Nova Scotia.

    That's why I support boycotting all smuggling of pot seeds from Vancouver into the U.S.

    A Canadian wrote to me, "How come most of the time you guys win the World Series?"

    How sad.

    All I could reply was, "Bottom dragging."
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