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  1. You have a bad tendancy to try to avoid scrutiny by posting this kind of garbage when challenged. This is exacty the kind of behaviour a CON MAN exhibits.

    You may think that recommending shorting the SPY many times since August was good advice, but it was clearly terrible. You since claimed that these terrible ideas you post are not actual trades, in which case the obvious question is why do you insist on peppering trading forums with ideas that you CLEARLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TRADE FOR PROFIT.

    Buddy, take responsibility for your actions, stop trying to blame others for your awful advice. Are you a man or a child ? I suspect the latter.
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  2. Ms. Nine_Ender, a third grade teacher asks her class, "If there are 3 birds on a wire & you throw a rock & hit one, how many birds are left?" Little GrandSuperCycle's hand shot up & he answers, "None". The teacher says,"Now GSC if you have three birds on a wire, then you throw a rock & you hit one of them, how many are left?" Again little GSC says, "None". The teacher, a little puzzled, asks,- "Now GCS, if you have 3 birds on a wire & you hit one with a rock, how come there are none left?" Little GSC says,"Because if I hit one with a rock, the others will get scared & fly away." The teacher says, "Oh, that's good, GSC, I like the way you think."

    Then GSC says, "Ok Nine_Ender, I got one for you, if there are 3 women, each has a popscicle, and 1 is licking hers, another is chewing hers & the other is sucking on hers, which one is married?" Nine_Ender says, "Well now, GSC, that would be the one sucking on hers." Little GSC says, "Nope, it's the one with a ring on, but I sure like the way you think."
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    This jagoff just got here and he's already establishing himself as a world-class tool.
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    Rear_Ender is a total troll. We all engage in name-calling now and again, but every post of hers starts with 'you're an xyz'..
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  5. Sure enough, she crawled out from under her rock today...Market staged a comeback and it gave her the confidence to go back to her stalking behavior...
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  7. Why would I care about what a dirt bag like you thinks ? You post racist, demeaning things about those you don't like or understand very frequently. You post lunatic fringe ideas about the world that beg to be challenged. But let's be completely clear here. I'm a well educated adult male. So you hide behind the internet alias posting shit about the world and expect no backlash. I think your nuts or stupid, or both. I genuinely feel this way. You can go cry now.

    Sites like this seem to have a lot of computer nerds who try to bully others online using words. Some like yourself take it even one step further, openly posting hate propaganda. It must be a surprise to some of you when you are challenged on this shit. I suppose we all have to decide is it worth taking the time to do so, perhaps not.
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  8. Great thread.

    Another great thread would be "Piker Watch"

    Pick out the pikers, the wannabes and the newbs

    IE, the paper cowboys :D
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  9. Decided it's not worth my time dealing with achilles, time to put him/her on ignore. I would hope that mainstream US is a little different then the craziness expressed by numerous posters on this site, but being Canadian it likely doesn't impact me at all.

    Do these jokers help any one trade ?
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  10. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    How's that lawsuit against Baron and ET going?
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