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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by sirmagic, May 8, 2011.

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    I just got on this board and posted a setup. Then instantly a few aliases in the thread get on my back in an apparent attempt to spark a reaction. I know how Yahoo Messageboards work so I saw this coming right away.

    I authored this thread so we can post our troll sitings and to give the moderators a chance to do something about this issue. There is no moderators to complain to on Yahoo, but there are some here and this is the thread to let 'em know.

    I will start off first:


    It looks like he has a history of argumentative posts from the first time he joined ET. These posts are designed to provoke negative reactions. I think he has a few more aliases and if you throw your IP scanner at him then you might find those aliases.

    Please feel free to post more troll sitings in this thread so the mods can clean up this board. A board like this one shouldnt be a haven for trolls and agitators.
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    Its not funny that we have the internet yet we cant have an honest discussion about trading without some guy living in his parents house trying to hijack the thread. I come to this forum because its less like Yahoo message boards, but it seems like there are a lot of kids here who want to play head games and make this more like Yahoo.

  3. Are you saying this is your first time on ET??

  4. SUCH AS :

    But it is a haven for immature trolls who behave with impunity in addition to blatant censorship by the mods and that's why I no longer contribute here.

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    Forums ›› Main ›› Trading ›› Goodbye Folks.

  5. "HotBox"
  6. Buddy, you ignorant pig, please get lost for good. Your fraudulant behaviour needs to go. Honestly, stop spamming multiple trading boards with your crappy, money losing calls.
  7. Nine_Ender confirming once again he/she is an immature troll prone to emotive ad hominem outbursts.

    Case closed.

  8. There once was a Troll plumber from Lee
    Who was plumbing his girl by the sea
    She said Stop your plumbing,
    There's somebody coming!
    Said the Troll plumber still plumbing... It's me!
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