Troll Badge of Honor

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by 2cents, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Dudes...

    Why not recognize talent and formally make T28, Steve46 and all similarly deserving members official TROLLS, in the same fashion we have mods, sponsors etc?

    Promotions / demotions would be both elective - ie one would be allowed to apply for Junior Troll membership status, or even to create a Troll status alias to troll on occasion - and at mods' discretion - ie mods could decide to change a member's status to Troll, Infamous Troll, Viciously Trolling Sponsor etc

    Keeping one's Junior/Senior Troll membership status would be no easy task under that regime, since it would require being seen as trolling effectively, in an environment where noobs & non-trolls would be officially warned as to what they are dealing with...

    what sayeth thou Baron?
  2. I think you should be awarded honorary membership 2shits

    I think of all the trolls here you fit the description to a tee...

    By now your shitty little black box must gone belly up, so you are pissed off and looking for some action...

    Too bad you ended up here, hosebag....We have plenty for you...
    stick around you ignorant bastard

    I'll flush twice when I want to talk to you again.
  3. lets count that as a yes...
  4. Apparently counting to "2" is more than you can handle.

    I nominate you as "Visiting Idiot of the Feedback Forum"

    and here are your awards;

    1.)Best Poll from an Idiot

    2.)Best Moronic New Thread

    3.)Biggest Asshole to revisit the site

    4.)Most likely to get bitchslapped around the site this weekend.


    Now go step off a cliff.
  5. u can only vote once... sorry

    we'll start u as a junior troll cause no offence but your a bit obvious...
  6. No offense taken

    I assume the Japanese authorities have asked you to leave the young boys alone for the moment.

    Thats why you're here isn't it?


  7. ... or as an aspiring troll perhaps... either way welcome on board... we are confident u'll make your way to junior troll eventually
  8. I don't think this is working out exactly as you planned..smartass

    Keep up the witty repartee though

    Apparently your strategy is to make me feel guilty about slapping you around, as though I were dealing with a retarded person...

    Good fits you well...

  9. your application to our pre-aspiring troll screening programme has been received... failure to qualify will result in your promotion to official ET BIATCH status... either way, best of luck...
  10. Yep, what a sharp reply....You child molesters are a witty bunch

    Keep'em comming. I am lovin it...
    #10     Jul 14, 2008