trojan startup virus

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  1. any suggestions on how to remove

    trojan.startpage virus

    I have norton antivirus and tried a few free trials one. Is it best just to reinstall windows. This is my 3 rd virus in a year that norton cant get rid off. It sucks !!
  2. did you run Ad-Aware, SpyBot and the like?
  3. Farside


    I use Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security. I recommend it highly.
  4. the better question is how you got it.
    stay away from the porn sites.
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    Use firefox for the porn sites
  7. My computer got totally infected and I reinstalled my operating system. When I got it working again, I couldn't get any quotes through quote tracker and then I found that I couldn't even open my brokerage account. No one at qt or my broker could help me.

    By luck, I just figured out the problem today. My incription was out of date. Had to reload a bunch of stuff from microsoft.

    Try AVG free. If you wipe out your operating system this reply might help. Good luck.
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