Trojan startpage.Gen

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  1. I was hoping that someone on this board has come across this problem and can help me. I get the following when I run a spyware scan from spyware doctor:

    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Activemovie\Filter Cache
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Activemovie\Filter Cache##
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Activemovie\Filter Cache##0
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Multimedia\Activemovie\Filter Cache##1

    Now, I get this from my scan and I hit "fix selected" and Spyware Doctor gets rid of it. But as soon as I watch a movie and then run a scan again. It is back.

    I also have adaware and spybot and use Norton Anti-virus. Nothing picks it up except the doctor, but how do I PERMANATLEY get rid of this ?

    I have gone to the Norton page that talks about Trojan Startpage, but honestly I cant really figure out how to do it all and to actually delete this. I have turned of my system restore, I have gone into the registy and just getting more angry:mad:

    Has anyone come acroos this and perhaps have a suggestion as how I can get rid of it ? Perhaps a GOOD program that will delete it or find it on a virus scan ?

    Thanx in advance
  2. I'm no computer expert, but are you positive this is malware?,GGLD:2005-49,GGLD:en&wxob=0
  3. When I run my spyware scan it says that it is a HIGH priority threat and it's a TrojanStartpage.GEN....When I dig a little further it tells me that its a web hi-jacker
  4. Ok - at first I did a Google search for the registry item you posted. Here's something better for you. Check this out...


    +To all people with the trojan.startpage.gen issue, the following link will upgrade you to spyware doctor 3.2.2


    IT WORKS, the active movie glitch seems to be solved absolutely !

    Apparantly some users of the old version of spyware doctor don`t get the "upgrade" pop up (?!)
    That`s why everyone was going nuts......


    I found this here,14950319~days=10~fmode=nest

    This seems to be a discussion about the problem you're having. I'd read through the entire dslreports thread before doing anything. Read the posts by the user 'freaked'. He seemed to be having exactly the same problem you are seeing. Good luck
  5. Thanx alot TraderNik !!

    Glad to see other traders are up so late, and very helpfull :D


    Edit: Checked the links you posted and its definately a false positive and in fact is NOTHING to worry about. thanx alot again, and I suppose I should "google" more often, lol...:D
  6. Hey, no problem, and I don't blame you for being concerned about it. I have had my battles with spyware, and I know what it's like, especially if you aren't a computer expert.

    If you ever have a problem you just can't solve, you can go to

    If you register, you can start a thread like this and if you reply promptly when people respond to your query, you will get specific help from professionals, all for free. I give them $5 every once in a while, since they've saved me hundreds in diagnostic/treatment charges that I would have paid to my local shop.
  7. The problem with all these tools is that if you have no idea how your systems work, then you end up with a lot of wasted time dealing with all the errors - err euphemisticaly false positives - that these tools ultimately produce.

    The best solution to spyware / malware is no solution other than sound management. Dont install new software on a workstation once its built, do regular backups/mirrors, dont use insecure browsers, do use a hardware firewall and ideally a proxy/intrusion detection system.

    What you are seeing .... a particular software program can write application specific keys and values into the registry: Many programs when they start first look at the registry and sometimes create a key or key/value pair if they are allowed (nearly everything is unfortunately allowed access by default and this is a weakness of windows OS and application architectureIMHO.). Keys and key value pairs can be secured however.

    Oh and by the way, removing the Microsoft media components is impractical given the dependencies %soft has apparently purposely built into their systems ....