Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Anunakki, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Im long TRMP and short CMI

    I usually only daytrade but thought Id stick a lil cash in these to refresh my swing trading skills.

    Thoughts ? Am I backwards ?
  2. No opinion from me on CMI, but if you're going to get exposed to gaming, why Trump, with a terrible balance sheet, and in Atlantic City?
  3. Its coming off a double bottom ( 3/06 and 1/07) , seems to have formed an inverse head and shoulders as well as a bunch of uptrending doji with decent money flow. With the strength in the other gaming equities Im looking for a pop up to 20ish.

    Am I very very wrong ? :)
  4. Time will tell.

    I'm thinking fundamentally, and it seems you have a good handle on the chart.

    I prefer Vegas to AC, and Macau to Vegas.
  5. Investing in TRMP is not a wise move. I only makes money for himself, not the investors. You would think, after two corp. bankruptcies people would learn. Your better off with Hilton, Sands, Wynn... Take your pick. Just not TRMP. It is like throwing your money outside the window.