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  1. Here's a list of twenty-five stocks. What do they all have in common?

    1. Agnico-Eagle Mines
    2. Alta Gold Company
    3. Amcol International
    4. Anglo American plc
    5. ASA Bermuda
    6. Basic Petrol International Ltd.
    7. Benguet Corporation
    8. Blyvooruitzicht Gold ADR
    9. Buffelsfontein Gold Mining Ltd.
    10. Bull Run Gold Mines Corp.
    11. Callahan Mining Corp.
    12. Central Fund of Canada
    13. CVB Financial Corporation
    14. Dynamics Research Corporation
    15. First Financial Bancorp
    16. Income Opportunity Realty Trust CEF
    17. Kelly Services, Inc.
    18. Liberty All-Star Growth Fund CEF
    19. Newmont Gold Company
    20. Northgate Exploration
    21. Sunshine Mining & Refining
    22. SuperValu Inc.
    23. The Oilgear Company
    24. TSR, Inc.
    25. U.S. Gold Corp.
  2. Their in alphabetical order?
  3. :D Well, they are. And they also are (or were, anyway) all traded on one of the NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX.

    But they do all share one interesting property besides the obvious.
  4. Obviously, they are the few remaining outliers, not (yet) implicated in the options backdating corporate scandal.

  5. :)

    Here's a hint: not only do all 25 of these stocks share something in common, but it all happened on the same day.