Trish Regan Leaves CNBC

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  1. Maverick74


    Effective today, the contents of her desk suggest.

    Regan, who co-hosted the 11am show, “The Call” with Melissa Francis and Larry Kudlow, was going to be pulled off the show and asked to stay on as a reporter. Instead, she chose to leave, insiders tell us. “Her desk is cleared out,” a source says.

    It’s unclear who will fill Trish’s seat but assuming the network hasn’t yet made a decision, who’s on your wish list? Mandy Drury, who guested while Francis was on maternity leave? Mark Haines? One of Kudlow’s old buddies from the Bear days?

  2. So when is the cnbc playboy spread coming out anyway?
  3. CET


    I can't believe she lasted this long. I thought she did a very poor job.

    If they would fire Kernan and Liesman it would be a big step forward.
  4. Stok


    Kudlow is the worst, he is a repeating drone who likes to hear himself talk. I can't stand him dribble on and on and on.
  5. Liesman is the Fed loving socialist. I love it when Santelli puts Liesman in his place.

    Please fire LIESman and bring back Marcy... at least she has TITS! :D
  7. Are you 1/2 OUT OF YOUR FRICKIN' MIND?

    I say "1/2" becasue Kernan is funny and insightful. LIESman is a total DICK!

    She (Trish) didn't have to do "any kind of job", other than look good and read the teleprompter.

    (As for the editorializing little cunt, Maria Barfaroma... that's a different story.)
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    She was very good. Big mistake on CNBC 's part
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    Agreed . She looked good,and read the news. Most have a political ax to grind
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