Trips to Shareholder Meetings are Tax-Deductible, right?

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  1. Just wondering.
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  2. qwerty11


    Wow that would be nice, buying 1 share from a company that is located near a place you need to go anyway. And shares go up usually anyhow...
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  3. Girija


    No. It is not.
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  4. emulimu


    Not a bad idea. Maybe not 1 share but more like 1000 shares. It would help the economy too with more people traveling and investing.
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    My uncle Sam runs IRS, I will call him and let him know but only for @emulimu it will be deductible, others cough it up.
  6. Any cite?
  7. ph1l

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  8. Girija


    Revenue ruling 56.11
    You can only deduct if those meetings and discussions lead you into making further investment decisions. That verbiage was meant for professionals that meet with the board and not day traders or normal people that buy stocks.
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  9. God, that sounds vague.
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  10. %%
    Right+ most likely intentional.
    I remember a Money MAGAzine they had about 50 tax preps/CPAs do very very very very intentional complex tax form/50 different answers, most maybe right.
    BUT 100% sure/the more aggressive you deduct,+ more money you actually make/ the more you ''inViteIRS audit'' But thy audit some some fry also, so cant predict tat
    BUT speaking of trades/INVESTEMENTs; get a fun book like an older tax lawyer book about paying as little Federal taX as possible.
    Some good ideas but i give more than 10% [church, Israel, TBN, non profits they call them]even though that is more than average /red flag to IRS.........................................................................................
    ALSO its a fun study to see how some regions get more audits than other like AK\cool; i dont want that far north anyway:D:D:D:D:D:D\:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::caution:
    Good thing for us; ABA is AGAINST new\stupid tracking of >$600 banking rule
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