Triple Top Pattern (5/24/2012)

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  1. lwlee


    Anyone bullish now?

    ES, YM have very clear triple top patterns. NQ and TF are disjointed but do have 3 peaks.

    While I think we are way oversold i.e. exponential 20 day MA, I not gonna fight the TA bearish pattern.
  2. triple top bullish pattern?

    this is bullish?
  3. a consensus of the ET unwashed masses will accomplish what ........?

    double jointed with twin peaks could work.


  4. only if you trade from " down under ".........:)

  5. lwlee


    No it's not a bullish pattern.

    Just asking if anyone is going long against the tide.

  6. lwlee


    Curious to see what others have to say.

    If you a TA guy, here is a real time pattern working itself out.

  7. price pokes it head thru one last time and gets all the " new pending long breakout guyz " orders filled.

    once new longs are 100% filled, the resultant puke blows all the new long stops.

    the express elevator to the basement fully engages for the 1000 point drop



  8. Okay. Let's schmooze.

    I say we are in a holding pattern of some kind with a possibility of a stealth bull run. By the time you see a bullish pattern, it will fizzle out and go down or go into another holding pattern.
  9. works in all markets.

    3 trips to the top
    get the new breakout traders filled then blow their stops.

    welcome to the other side of your screen.

    get your head wrapped around this and join the mm camp.

  10. lwlee


    From the 3/9 to 4/2, a great example of a triple top doing what it predicts.

    Yeah I see the may 5 head as well but what does that it make it? A Quadruple Top?

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