Triple Top on the SPY

Discussion in 'Trading' started by michaelscott, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Triple top....
  2. wow, why do you continue to post. this thing is on the verge of going parabolic. I would not get in front of this train if I were you bud.
  3. jtnet


    fucking captain obvious, stop posting
  4. TAKE YOU MEDS!!!!

  5. Let us know when we get a quadruple and quintuple top thx.
  6. Is'nt a tripple top a buy signal? sell double tops buy tripple?
  7. Let's face it, this is probably more evidence that people are quite possibly being "paid" to put up ridiculously absurd threads on ET in order to generate web-hits and web-activity.

    This is more than shameful.
    In fact, it's downright sad.
    ET has become a joke.
  8. A quote from Michael Scott from the "Waterfall selloff in SPY coming" thread:

    "The number of mindless idiots and losing traders in this thread demonstrates to me that my prediction will come true very shortly."

    Are you delusional??

  9. wtf? I think this guy is delusional.
  10. You have some really strange gay obsession with Baron huh? :confused: Just a little schoolgirl crush of yours or what? :D
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