Triple Fibonacci EMA S/R Swings

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Xuanxue, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Instrument: ES

    Primary Chart: Candlestick 610T

    Tools In Primary Chart:

    55 EMA green
    144 EMA red
    377 EMA blue

    The Squeeze for momentum divergences.

    A proprietary MACD overlayed on the Squeeze to show weak outlining areas of momentum.

    Bid/Ask Analysis.

    Secondary charts:

    240 minute candlestick alternate 60 minute.

    10 minute candlestick.

    10 minute line with compared symbols: A/D Ratio, A/D Line, A/D Volume Line
    (esignal: $ISSU, $ADD & $VOLD, respectively).

    Tools in 240 and 10 minute candlestick:

    Thorough swing trendlines and a CCI Least Squared MA, Std Dev & Heikin-Ashi, sloped changing colors set at 25 periods.

    Snapshots of setup following:
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    10 line:
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    With the fib EMAs reversals are fairly easy to anticipate. I watch for typical sushi roll patterns or ironed-out retraces to emerge trying to get the absolute best fill in a swing.

    Presently I'm flat; but I'm targeting 1250 long to begin a new swing. We'll see how it plays out.

    In this journal I will only log entries and exits. I may offer commentary of where I think prices may head based on my rig and occasionally I use hand calc StDev to target conservative exits for those who prefer that. I am however changing gears aggressively and going for total red-lines in overbought and oversold territory. As such I wont be writing a great deal during the week. I trade full time, live, and my PNL is private. I'll post as I think a reversal is imminent and I'll post fills after.

    Until a definitive trend is established again I will only trade half-swings and then begin trading the daily swings.

    You may debate my commentary respectfully. I welcome it. Show off your gear and your analysis but all small talk deviating from ES swings wont be tolerated.

    I'll post mechanical targets when warranted but mostly my style is discretionary.

    Here's to us making money!
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    Bears effectively made resistance out of former bull price satisfaction at 1253. I'll wait for another bull run up for a good fill short. 1250's off long.

    I like 1240 target short cover.
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    S 1250.50 9:18 CST
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    I lost some coin. 2pts. Cover 52.50.

    I'm not chasing it either way. I'm on the sidelines.
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    I'm short here. 55.25. Target 37. 6 point stop. A massacre walks this way.
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    The only massacre that took place was my own today. I had a strategy last night that turned out I didn't follow, at all, and it ended up doing everything my analysis said it would.

    Here's an instance that holding to a bias as opposed to some 'banish by laughter' chaote philosophy would have been preferable, and profitable.

    You can't win 'em all.
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    Here it is, boys. If we don't rally hard here, the bull just wasn't meant to be. Assuredly we'll bounce off the bull baseline and run up to the 200 WMA. Notice what happened every time that occured in this run, though. We need to climb on top of it and make it support. That's the only way I'll go long. If not, I'll go short where I can.

    Is it a bounce? Is it a bottom? Is it a bear correction? How about this bull attempt correction, huh? We'll soon find out.

    I'm not the only one this run's throwing around like a rag doll. Don't even bother trying to pass off like you're above it all.

    Were it not for locking in gains conservatively before this last drop off from 90, I'd have a noticeable dent.

    Play it safe.

    (I decided to code the S&P Oscillator with a 13 EMA. I like it; recommended.)
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