TRIN Trivia

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fan27, Mar 9, 2004.

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    A note on today's closing TRIN (3/9/2004)

    "On a few trivial notes, the TRIN came close to closing above 3.0, which it's only done 11 other times since 1997. Three days later, the SP500 was higher all 11 times, with an average gain of +2.5%"
  2. Does seem to have some power behind it .
    Especially if there's some nice S/R in the indexes.
  3. It has been my experience that when the TRIN went above 1.5-2 intraday it was so bullish that it was bearish. It seemed to indicate an over bought condition.

    What happened to the market between the close above 3.0 and the 3 days after? Did the market dip first or go in a "straight" line?
  4. I programmed this idea in Tradestation using the Dow and ran it.

    The Trin data I have only goes back to 5/99.

    Results in the .xls file.

    A one day hold shows that 70% of the time the next day was an up day (7/10)