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    would someone please give me a opinion or a breif discription of this indicator, + and - of it thanks weld1:confused:
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    Tick or trin are like many other tools, just like the Advance decline indicator or the Vix....

    It gives you a global view what the market is doing.

    But keep in mind: it does not mean when you have a bullish tick/trin that it goes up....

    Sometimes they work....sometimes they don't ..... Just like many other indicators.
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    thanks for reply, i just did a little reading, could this be roughly compared to OBV weld1:confused:
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  5. NYSE advance / declines is useful too intraday
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    I am not an expert, but I watch a 10 minute Trin all day to confirm market direction. My simplistic understanding is as follows, and I would defer to anyone more knowledgeable:

    If the Trin is between .35 and 1.0, there is a modestly strong advancing market overall. (some use .60 as the low number)

    If the Trin is between 1.0 and 1.5, there is some evidence of modest selling.

    If the Trin is under .35 (some using .60) there is a lot of complacency with the general belief that the market is strong and that it won't slow down (euphoria), but usually followed by a market sell off or reversal downward.

    If the Trin is over 1.5, there is a lot of selling and alot of pessimism and the pessimism is too unrealistic. Usually followed by a market reversal upwards.

    If the Trin is over 2.0, there is an overwhelming sense of pessimism and capitulation. This would be a strong signal to buy.

    Does anyone else have a slant on this and its usefulness?
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