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  1. Hello everybody!!

    I have a limited understanding how to use TRIN, TICK and PREM.
    Could some more experienced fellow explain haow those indicators are used? Or refer me to some kind of source?

    happiness to all of you

  2. blb078


    the tick is a short term trading indicator, it's the number of stocks ticking up versus the number of stocks ticking down, if it's a plus number, then there are that many more stocks moving up than down. and vice versa for a minus
    the trin is a another short term indicator, it indicates weather volume is flowing into advancing or declining stocks. 1.0 is basically a even point, anything above 1.0 it's generally a bearish market, and anything below it's generally a bullish market(really for bullish you want it below .8)

    this is the basics for these there is more to them than what i have mentioned,

    i don't use the prem.