TRIN losing utility in intraday trading?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by aspenboy, May 29, 2006.

  1. I feel as though its usefulness has declined some possibly due to emergence of so many alternative instruments-ETFs,funds,derivatives,etc...
    1- I have seen the mkt.react contra many times to "theoretical" expected behavior at extreme TRIN readings.
    2-watched mkt. move counter to the trend of the TRIN. eg...sell off heavily while trin declines significantly,etc...

    Any one else feel the same way? Or,still feel it is useful. I don't use it in a vacuum but I did find myself not acting on valid signals by relying on its behavior too much. Same thing with the intraday put/call ratio.
    Any opinions,insights or suggestions? Thx. GLTA.
  2. aspenboy,

    I used the TRIN in the past....along with the $TICK....VIX....etc....but decided long ago it wasn't worth it. Found a much better way to trade....for me. will find a chart that I put together many years ago....with own opinion.

    (in beautiful Seattle)