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    I use trin a lot for my trading. Today i compared my quotes (Reuters) with livecharts (the free one, According Reuters the opening price was 1.73, but according livechart it was 1.35. I compared other days, and saw that they sometimes differ. My question is where do you guys get you TRIN data? And could you please tell me what the opening price was today (7/3)? So that i can compare them and see which one provides the right quotes. Thanks a lot.
  2. I struggle with this same problem. I show opening trin value of 3.11 and close of first 5 min bar as 1.24, from QCharts.
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    Hmm strange very strange.
    Maybe there are more ways to calculate the TRIN.
    TRIN = (Advancing Issues/Declining Issues) / (Advancing Volume/Declining Volume) Maybe it depends on how may issues are used. All NYSE stocks? All S&P500 stocks or S&P100 stocks?
    I'll look at more data and compare it.
  4. AT has symbols for lots of TRINS; NY, NAS, PHLXetc.

    My NY TRIN today is (H,L,C): -0.7644, 1.9249, 0.6213
  5. On esignal the opening print of $TRIN is 5.33. Closed at 1.58 at the end of the first minute.

    Personally, I don't think that the opening print of TRIN is that useful/reliable. TRIN is calculated by the quote provider and depending on the exact calculation frequency it's very likely that volume ratios will differ between providers until a bit of volume has come in.
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    TRIN difference

    Yahoo o h l c: 1.38 1.67 0.62 0.77
    Livecharts o h l c: 1.35 1.67 0.63 0.77
    Reuters o h l c: 1.73 1.73 0.62 0.67
    SI o h l c: 1.35 1.67 0.63 0.77