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    anybody heard of this place and know anything about cap contributions, people, etc? thanks for any insights.
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    I saw their post on Monster (or careerbuilder). I did a quick search on the internet and could not find anything on them. They're probably a new sub of some prop firm.
  3. they are the old Heartland - merged with Schoney -- I think geared towards scalpers and trainees ---
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    I doubt that. Nothing mentioned on Schoney's site.
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    In the Matter of

    Heartland Securities Corporation,



    C. The Commission's Complaint in Securities and Exchange Commission v. Sheldon Maschler, et al. alleged that from 1993 to March 1998, certain individuals associated with Datek Securities engaged in a widespread fraudulent scheme to execute proprietary trades illegally through the Nasdaq Stock Market's Small Order Execution System ("SOES"), resulting in tens of millions of dollars in illegal profits. The fraudulent scheme was carefully planned and orchestrated, and was concealed from regulators through the use of sophisticated software, allocation of trades to nominee accounts, creation of fictitious books and records, and filing of false reports with the Commission. The Complaint further alleged that Heartland acquired Datek Securities' day-trading business on March 30, 1998, and continued the SOES fraudulent scheme from April 1998 to June 2001. Heartland's unlawful SOES trading practices and concealment methods were virtually identical to those of Datek Securities' former day-trading operation. In particular, almost all of the nominee accounts at Datek Securities were transferred to Heartland in furtherance of the SOES scheme.


    In view of the foregoing, the Commission deems it appropriate and in the public interest to impose the sanction specified in the Offer of Settlement submitted by Heartland.

    Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that Heartland be, and hereby is, censured.

    By the Commission.

  6. I have been contacted for an interview. I did a search on the NASD and found no arbitration or complaints. However they have no website so the question is why are they running in stealth mode?

    Second question is, are they another proprietary firm looking for traders with there own capital? They supposedly offer a base salary and later a draw on earnings.

    Third question, does anyone know of firms that have actual paid trader trainee programs other than the IB's and Susquehanna's, DE Shaw's, etc. which require an Ivy League degree?

  7. I heard of them...I had a friend who traded there and he hated it...they made false promises, messed with his payout, overcharged him commissions and threatened to kick his F*ing ass break his F* ing legs if he told anyone or if he went to the authorities:eek: ...sounds like the soprano's to me.
  8. I work for a sub of Schoney and I've heard nothing of it.
  9. they are definitely part of a matter of fact they make up most of the Miami office, as very few shoney traders are left in that ghost town. Nothing mentioned on the Shoney website, but then again nothing about nothing on that site!
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    Anyone have any more info about these cats?

    What platform they use?

    Amount of salary?

    Who are the principles?
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