Trillium Trading and career progression.

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    I'm a senior at a top school and thanks to the current job market I (along with everyone else) didn't have much success in terms of applying for big finance jobs this fall.

    But I am curious what people think about Trillium Trading. I searched on here and saw some pretty good reviews.

    It appears that new hires are started with $26k a year in guaranteed money, and then a % (maybe 60%) of money made.

    I think I heard that the average bonus made was around $60k for first year people and that it was around $80k last year with how great the market was for trading.

    Then, that after a few years of trading salaries are up to the mid 6-figures. And then 5+ years in on a good year you will be trading $millions so earning 7 figures annually before 30 isn't out of the ordinary.

    Is this an accurate assessment?

    Then another question I had was in terms of how one can progress in a career starting with prop trading.

    After say a successful stint, do traders move on to trade with hedge funds, or get hired with larger bulge bracket banks?

    I don't really know much about the career track, so I'm very curious to hear.

    And worst comes to worst, I guess in the event that I took the job and failed as a trader, I could always just go to get an MBA and then get a normal finance job afterwards.

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    No, not a accurate assessment. First of all that 26k draw is only for three months. Then your on your own, no draw, nothing. second only very few senior guys make low six figures and no one makes 7 figures. Ha, lol! Very high attrition rate. Most new people hired quit after 6 months. Then they recruit again. They make their money on commisioins off newbies. This place is a sub of schonfeld. Do a google and search on this site too. good luck.
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    One other thing. No one gets a bonus. This is'nt GS. This is a lower end daytrading firm.
  4. actually youre far off subban, you might want to get your facts straight as i work there ;)
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    Ok, then how is it at trillium using the op's description and comparing it to your experience.
  6. pretty much as op described it, not everyone makes multi millions a year but there are a group that does but everyone else that is successful id say puts u p mid upper 6 figures... and since we have comparatively low commissions to the rest of the entire industry they def dont make money off the commissions they make money off of us being good traders ;)
  7. Chomp


    I agree with the OP and Short, Subban you are def. wrong.

    I know for a fact you get $500/wk to survive for a whole year and a bonus on the P&L.

    Then you are basically on your own, I believe with a much higher percent of your P&L as the income.

    I don't get why you would lie/make stuff up Subban.
  8. The only thing that matters is whether you can trade or not.

    It would not have mattered one bit whether Lebron James went to a small division 3 high school or if he went to the biggest high school in the country.

    If i was you I would hope the prop firm was as dumbed down as possible just because you will gain 10 times more if you study the market yourself instead of having some mentor try and teach you trading in a couple hours.

    People seek value.

    If you have value than you are in high demand.
  9. disagree neo, coming out of college you arent going to be used to playing with as much money on average or have any idea how to 'trade'
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    I'm not lying. This is how I remebered this firm in '02 right after shoenfeld bought heartland and they changed their name to trillium. Maybe recruiting ivy league grads has changed the original heartland group around.
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