Trillion dollars in student loan debt. Young people can't afford a house, family.

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  1. Yes, we can prey on the vulnerable in this country (teenagers entering college), but we pay for it down the line.

    Housing can't return to normal under these conditions, and student debt is still increasing.
  2. "Prey on the vulnerable"... college students? How is that, exactly.. "prey"??

  3. I'll go slow just for you.

    Teenagers, most of whom haven't entered the full-time work force, don't really know what it means to assume up to 6 figures in debt that can be garnished from your wages all the way up to, and including, your social security checks (that's a fact).

    Read the news. National issue.
  4. UP YOURS! On ignore!
  5. It is not rocketscience.

    When I was young, back in the days young people did not require a 100K work permit to get a job.

    His post is pretty basic in nature I don't see how it is not pretty obvious.
  6. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    why so dramatic?
  7. The guy has been losing it for years. Prior to 2008, he was somewhat, not so much.

    Wilburbear has a very valid point...these guys who went to college in the 60's-70's and could pay a year's worth of tuition with a summer job simply don't want to acknowledge what a complete disaster the current climate is with sky high tuitions, massive student debt loads and fewer entry level jobs for these kids to pay off the student debt.

    Scat = typical boomer self-serving douchebag (PUT ME ON IGNORE ASSHOLE).
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    maybe he is fed up with the uneducated clueless socialists that pervade ET. most of them don't even know they have absorbed the propaganda of their left wing professors.
  9. i'll repeat myself here...

    in school, they preach socialism and that capitalist society is evil.

    (i'm being slightly dramatic)

    then once you get your student loan become a capitalist.


    college is like a drug. "freedom" to do whatever, live alone for the first time, meet tons of girls, whatever.....

    but all along the man knows you will be saddled with debt for a long time.

    Sheep University. Where 70% have no idea what hit them.
  10. If you tapped him on the shoulder, the guy would throw a punch at you. He's delirious, probably early onset dementia. He assumes that anybody who disagrees with his stuck in the mud political leanings is a socialist.

    I'm no "leftist", and I think this higher ed scam is an indictment on both political parties.
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