Trillion Dollar Bet - on line documentary with Scholes and Merton

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  1. Can you post a summary? It's 55 minutes of video... much too long to download on dialup.

  2. It's worth kicking back after work with a beer in your hand.

    Entertaining stuff. More or less a history of the Black Scholes model. Nice footage of all the people involved.
  3. Very little info on LTCM. A puff piece, but thanks for posting the link, Eq.
  4. You're welcome.

    I had seen the video a while back, quite entertaining as a few big names in finance (Merton, Scholes, Samuelson, Miller, Melamed, Bodie, Jonas) make an appearance.

    Funny thing is, only pictures of John Meriwhether(LTCM/Salomons) were shown - as apparently the guy is rather camera shy. I wonder what he is up to these days?
  5. Thanks for this ....
  6. You're welcome.
  7. He started another FI convergence fund with Hilibrand.
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    Thanks i have been looking for this!!
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