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  1. I wanted to notify everyone considering buying a system from Trikinetic:

    DON'T DO IT!!!!

    These guys provide the worst customer service, their hardware is comprised of the cheapest components, they make false claims and they are grossly overpriced.

    Stick with DELL. Their service is par none and their equipment is extremely reliable. For less than the price of Trikinetic, you can get top of the line stuff from DELL WITH their FULL EXTENDED WARRANTY which includes same-day ON-SITE service for 3 years.

    You can't beat that!!

    How do I know about Trikinetic? I ordered $30,000 worth of gear from them. I never went back for anything else. I buy everything from DELL now. I'm considering IBM for the next batch of equipment because they are pricing their components very aggressively.

    Pejman Hamidi
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    Thanks for sharing your experience Re: Trikinetic. You've probably saved a lot of us from an expensive mistake. Sorry you had to take that kind of hit !!!

    Would like to ask a favor - assuming you still have the Trikinetic gear, could you check the arms/stands for the panels and see if there is a brand name (other than theirs)? Seems to me that if I could find a source for a variety of these, The rest is a no-brainer.

    Your help is much appreciated
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    FWIW just punch in VESA arms in google and you will get many sites that offer many different arms configurations that you can get for your application
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    also make sure your lcd is VESA standard compatible
  5. Yes: Nokia
  6. Pejman,

    I would have to agree with you on the customer service issue. I called them three days ago to inquire about their LCD mounts. While the person I spoke with was knowledgeable and cordial, he promised to email me a quote for the 6 monitor mounts. To date I have received nothing. Given their high prices one would think that they would be in a hurry to supply quotations when requested.

    Anyone know where I can purchase a multimonitor LCD VESA mount, I would appreciate some info. I am looking to mount 4 monitors in a 2X2 configuration, with possible expansion to 3x2 in the future. I tried the Google search but all of the mounts I found only refer to single monitor use.
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    also make sure your lcd is VESA standard compatible

    Any idea where this information would be? Reason I ask, is because I've looked at the specs on the outside of many flat-panel boxes and have not seen any references to something called "VESA standards".

    BTW Uptik, thanks for the link.
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    Here is the definition for the Vesa Standard.....The VESA® FPMPMI™ Standard
    The majority of flat panel monitors manufactured today conform to the VESA FPMPMI* Standard, which defines physical mounting interfaces, corresponding standards for mounting devices, and associated cable, cable connectors and power supply location guidelines.

    Ergotron Flat Panel Monitor ARMS are designed to fit this standard. However, if you own a monitor that does not use the VESA FPMPMI interface, a custom bracket may be available for your is a way to mount the off the shelf movable arms to your lcd.......I am currently buying a Samsung 170T LCD which has this feature...other models of Samsung like the 760? aren't VESA compatible and cannot be attached to the movable arms.....hope this helps
  9. uptik2000, it looks like that would do the job. I'll look into it. Thanks

    Concerning VESA standards, check the website of your monitor's manufacturer for the monitor's specs. Look for some info that states that it supports standard VESA mounting arms. I may be wrong but typically this means that the screw mounting holes on the back of the monitor meets industry standard spacing, 100mm on large monitors or 70mm on smaller monitors. My Viewsonic VA800 monitors have 100mm spacing (I physically measured them).
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