TriKinetic Trading Computers.

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  1. Is anybody trading with computers from Trikinetic ?. How good and reliable are their workstations ?. Especially the Active Trader system. I'm calling them monday for a price quote . Any red flag to worry about ?. Thanks and a happy 4th to all.
  2. they are pricey
  3. Pound


    I used to have a TK computer system. There system is great, but when you want to upgrade they seem to forget who you are. Just like Dell and all those other guys.

    I bought a system from AlienWare and I will never buy a computer from anyone else: .

    If you have the money to spend on a TK computer spend it on AlienWare's setups. They are packed with much more than anything out there. See for yourself.

    Good Luck!

  4. BKuerbs


    I can not commend on prices or quality of the computer brands discussed above. I suppose you are going to trade from home, so I recommend that you have a look at the noise generated by the computer you are going to buy.

    Fast CPUs, high-powered grafic cards demand a lot of cooling, the cooling fans used differ widely as to the noise they make.

    Fast revolving hard-disks (7200 and above) make a lot of noise. To dampen this you need some kind of floating construction to fix them inside the tower and some noise management. Which essentially results in defying the fast rpm.

    Ask yourself whether you really need such a high-powered pro system. The noise can become irritating.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  5. wild


    another nice looking set ... on the pricey side though (English spoken)
  6. gnome


    Not that you haven't considered this, but I run a P4, 512 Ram, 4 monitors on Win2000. Handles much multi-task very well. You could outfit yourself in a similar system for a couple grand I'd guess.
    Win 2000 is probably critical.