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  1. Tony Oz writes in his books that he recommends Trikinetic computers, also he recommends real tick for software. Also, he states that he is not paid in anyway when you buy a computer.

    I called Trikinetic Computers today and asked for a quote on a computer with 6 monitors. He quoted me $9995. I asked him what do their computers offer vs. the other computers like dell. What he said went in one ear and out the other (not really a computer guy) but he said that if you buy a dell computer the software won't be 100% in tune with the computer resulting in slower trades? Is this true or is this BS?

    I am at a prop firm and looking to build my own station, any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. Hugely overpriced. Buy a Dell.
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    i bought a trikinetic machine a few years ago. its a joke. it does NOT run any better. its just twice the price. at the last expo i went to, they told me that they changed their name but i guess they still exist according to you. i tried to have them honor the warranty but they backed away. all the components were defective (although this is not necessarily all their fault). they did replace a couple of them but then stopped replying back. STAY AWAY! pay more money and get more headaches. i spent about $5,000 on the pc just to throw it away.
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    Thank you, you guys have saved me a lot of money?

    Could anyone recommend exactly what to buy?
  6. Dell 9200, dual core, 1G RAM, WinXP Pro. It will come with a dualhead video card. Those are the basics... add other things you need for your trading and you'll be good to go for 5 years or so.
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    I run RT on a Dell and it works perfect - you don't need a $10,000 computer. It even works great on my laptop.
  8. $10 Grand? What, are you NUTS? If you're relatively competent with computers, you could get set up for about $2000. If not, you could still get down for <$2500.
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    USD 10.000 is a lot of money for one pc and 6 monitors.

    I paid about 3000 for two Dell machines and 4 19inch Dell TFT's.

    I must say that although the DEll's are fast enough I regret the decision to go with the Dells a little, not because performance but because of noise....

    They are not very noisy but sitting next to them all day sometimes irritates me.

    I have a trader friend that let's his trading machines custom build for him and they are lightening fast, and absolutely slient, onbelievable.


    It's in Dutch but they have build the faststes PC in the Netherlands and is also totally silent!

    Next time I go for this solution, but if you can stuff away your PC a little further from your screens you don't need it.
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