Trigger order by exchange that did not execute

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Option Trader, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. I placed an odd lot order to sell short a stock. It was a GTC market order that should have triggered immediately, but the exchange took 9 seconds for the order to go through. Meanwhile, it messed up my trigger to cancel another order.

    Isn't the exchange responsible to execute the order on time?
  2. Anyone??
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    It was odd lot, they have to match up by price, then size, probably it was done properly but I don't know
  4. Price was no problem because it was a market order, size was no problem because it was the minimal size, i.e. 1 share.
  5. 1 share?..........1 share of BRKA?
  6. You missed the point. That was a trigger to a big order.
  7. i can't say i ever remember an order taking that long
  8. Could it be with odd lots they can take their sweet time?
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    wtf is a gtc market order? markets get filled immediately so gtc makes no sense to me.

    as for fill confirmation time, it depends on exchange rules and liquidity, not to mention if it auction driven or quote based order matching.
  10. It was a stop order that would be triggered if the stock opens at or below a certain price, and it would sell stock at market.

    I don't know what you mean in your second paragraph, and if it still applies (after the clarfication I made).
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