Trigger For WW3

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What's The Trigger For WW3?

  1. We're Already In It!!!

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  2. Somebody Needs To Drop "THE" Bomb.

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  3. Somebody Needs To Bomb The USA.

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  4. Bush Needs To Drop a Little Too Much Viagra.

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  5. Baron Needs To Ban Z-10.

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  6. Osama Bin Laden Needs To Be Voted Into US Office.

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  1. What's gonna bring it on?
  2. hcour

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    When the machines take over and try to harvest humans as their batteries. I ain't putting up w/that shit.

  3. Just stay the course with the crowd in Washington, they know all the answers about invading others countries.

    Did you not see the banner "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" with Boy King landing on the Aircraft carrier?

    The bunch of draft dodgers calling the shots at the Pentagon know how to run a war, with us spending an upfront amount of 550 Billion + a year on defense how can we go wrong?

    Boy King lands (as a passenger) on a carrier, but during NAM chickenhawk missed a physical exam on purpose to avoid the real deal. How is that for your leader?

    Refer back to some other persons post with the list of chickenhawks running the country and SEE WHO IS MANNING THE SHOW. Good LUCK..................
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  4. WW3 with what countries? Neither russia nor china are going to get involved in any war for at least 30 years (at which point they'll probably start a war with each other), they are not going to move a finger in defense of arabs, africans, persians, jews, arabs or anyone else unless directly attacked. Europe as much as it hates and despises America will in the end be on our side or neutral, needless to say israel is an ally. Arab and muslim countries can be all wiped out in a NY minute. WW3 against who, martians?
  5. Pabst


    When draft dodging, protesting against America at the Kremlin Bill Clinton was sending U.S. troops to Yugoslavia and Somalia and bombing Iraq were you equally outraged at the pedigree of the CIC?
  6. europe doesnt despise usa, infact we like your country...we just cannot stand the current demented administration.
  7. Uhhh, did Clinton get 5 deferments like Chickenhawk Cheney?

    While Clinton was directing military efforts, did the Clinton supporters suggest that you are either "with us or against us?"

    Did the democratic pundits charge that republican hacks who suggested Clinton was wagging the dog to avoid MonicaGate, did they call the republicans "Treasonous" during a time of war to criticize the president? Did they call those on the right who opposed Clinton's military efforts while president as being "anti-American?"


  8. Concur.

    The powers with nukes, China, USSR, GB, France, India, Pakistan, etc. have not been beating the war drum at all, if anything they are trying to calm things down because they need the oil to flow...

    The talk of WWWIII is drama intended to frighten people to vote republican in the next election...

  9. Sam123

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    What is worse? WWIII or a Muslim world conquering the West?
  10. The hysterical repubnigans are so crazy.

    On the one hand they try to make a point that the Islamic countries are ignorant, backward, and have developed no technology and have no science...

    They they come off as if the Muslims were a cohesive group like Nazis who just developed V2 rockets and were on the verge of invading the US with superior technology and weapons of mass destruction....


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