Tried to warn you many times

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  1. That the gold scam was just that.

    You investors in miners are getting your butts whooped, worse than the finnies during the collapse.

    You drank the kool aid.


    thats you, on the lower right
  2. that was someee good koolaidd
  3. Long term charts are even more bearish;
    not a prediction, simply wisdom.:cool:
  4. long and strong :D
  5. A personal favorite of mine is Glen Beck, Sean Hannity & El Rushbo still hawking Goldline
  6. long and strong , not the miners though :D
  7. get a real gold ,not some crap
  8. ===========
    probably a gold mine some where doing well. Maybe Jim Sinclair;
    some corn is named gold, but not all names live thier name:cool:

    Some good uptrends in gold...GLD...........long term.Not a stock tip:D
  9. Crispy


    Well technically the GDXJ is not a metal futures product....but I see your point. :D

    I was thinking about the gold trend last night and the time frame is insane. I turned 40 in March and gold has been going up for approximately 25% of my life...the young bucks out there dont even know that gold can go down. Huge psychological implications there.
  10. The only gold is my predictions.
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