Tried to join an online Poker site...Declined

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nitro, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. nitro


    I tried to join and online poker site, and four for four credit cards were declined because each of the banks did not allow gaming transactions. What a load of crap :mad:

    nitro :(
  2. Pabst

  3. I use neteller, but if u want the instan gratification, use western union (will cost a little extra)..
  4. ElCubano


    i use netteller...instant cash from checking is 8% cards dont want to deal with the people who call to dispute the charge when they lose with pocket aces to someo numbnuts who went all in with 73 offsuit..

    nitro come to paradise poker 100nl 5 max table and look for lilhabana...i want to take ur ass to the cleaners...i wont be on for about 1 week though...till then
  5. Chargebacks are not the real reason... Online gaming is still illegal in the US, and may well become even more so. Thanks to an ongoing, highly publicized crackdown by the Justice Dept. -- witness the recent arrests on US soil of the top execs of both BetOnSports and Sportingbet, the UK online bookmakers -- credit card companies and ISPs are increasingly just saying "no".
  6. Nitro. Caught in an on-line gambling sting... :D

  7. Nitro,

    Why Gamble? Do something safe like Day trade
  8. Here you go Nitro, no help with the credit card thing, but we have some free tournaments.

    Click on Chris' picture.

    Neteller seems to be the best way to do the deposit/withdrawal.

  9. Pabst


    Don, I must say that any guy (and his brother) who live in a state to avoid additional income tax, who live specifically in Nevada so they can gamble AND have a Chris Ferguson banner on their site linking one to an on-line card room, are MY KINDA GUYS! Cheers!
  10. nitro


    Thanks for all the replies. I will use neteller.

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