Trick to consistent profitable trades.

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  1. I was noticing this odd pattern a long time ago in my trading. My first trade would be generally be bad, then by the time I was a few trades in I was rolling mostly wins and toward late in my trading session I would never lose.

    This was a strangely consistent pattern... Starting out with losing trades then end up straight winning nonstop!

    I discovered a really neat trick... I can use Oandas mini lots to toss a few miniature cents per pip sized trades around to get a feel for the market... Then once I'm in sync I size up. This also takes away hesitation and my trigger finger moving properly too.

    Charts can be really deceiving. Once you have some actual orders in place in the market then you can get a feel for how price is actually moving.

    As hilarious as it is... The first trades testing the waters with 1k units are scarier than a 1mil unit trade a few trades in...

    Not really any effective way for stock/futures traders to do this physiological warmup technique because of the commissions cost. You have to have real money on the line for it to work...

    Perhaps a little micro lot FX trading before market open would get you warmed up properly.

    It's quite a funny trick. If your bearish or bullish biased vs the market... After you place a couple orders you realize what is actually going on... Then you can place some real orders and profit!!!
  2. when I'm flat I keep my paper account going with exact same size I trade in real life. Usually I put on just what I took off to see if I was smart or chicken shit.
  3. I'm not sure that everyone should be allowed to use the internet. There really are some nutters out there.
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    I often find the pre-market in ES is like looking at lies and the best way not to start with losing trades was to develop different ways to look at trend on one timeframe and different way of trend on shorter timeframe. The larger timeframe I blended both the day session trend from the previous day with the 24 hour trend, so if they are not the same, have no trend, and shorter timeframe based on 24 hour market. One timeframe cancels out the other timeframe and thus can't take any trades. This alone canceled out an average of 2.13 losing trades a week for me. Since I normally have about 60 trades a week, this is canceling out 3.5% of losses.
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  6. before you quit your job, why not invest a little money in a reading comprehension course? I would suggest you start at the lowest level.
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    imho there are absolutely no tricks to consistent profitable trades

    In fact I believe tricks will only get you broke

    Simply doing the work..., trading price - keeping your losers small - and allowing the working trades to work - is all that's required

    But then again, what do I know

  8. hey redneck, I am a big believer in paper (or what they now call sim) accounts. I've made a joke about it many times, "Put it on in the sim, and when it goes to hell that is usually a good time to put it on for real."
  9. on a side note, my old galvanized minnow bucket finally rusted through. I guess they don't sell them anymore. My grandaughter has very quick hands. I may get her one of these new fangled yellow plastic buckets and a bunch of minnows and see how she does. I think that's what they will be hitting this fall. Too old to tie for her anymore, no eyes, no problem, I can tie on a dark night just putting the eye up to my tounge and feeling the line, but my problem is no teeth to grab the line. Gotta get some number 2 aberdeen snelled so I don't get frustrated in front of her. Or maybe better yet, I should just teach her how to tie.
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    Hey OT

    My post was't an indictment - simply some like shortcuts - and would be predisposed to only pick up on the "trick" part

    I wholeheartedly believe in sim/ small share "test" trading - especially when I come off an extended down time (vacation/ sick/ whatever) - or I'm simply off

    The money we save is ours after all

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