Trichet warns markets pundits not to underestimate determination

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  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Trichet has become a clown.

    he cannot print away fundamental flaws in the EU design. he cannot print away the distaste of the millions of EU citizens that no longer want to be a part of a bailout that only takes from them and not investors/banks.

    he cannot print a resolution between export powerhouses like germany and club med states like italy and greece, and finally he cannot print away an entitlement society that finds itself increasingly unemployed.

    he is a clown.
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    Well said. In the short run a single person or a single body can influence the economy of an entire continent and perhaps the world but in the long run...well, in the long run we're all dead. Who said that again? Well, Keynes himself.

  3. Well, this determination is not exactly in evidence yet, is it? They bought EUR 1.35bn worth of bonds last week... It's a jawk.
  4. IMV, after Ireland's rescue not working so well, they're gonna stop trying to rescue individual countries (a losing proposition, at least with the smaller countries: Portugal and Belgium) and start QE-ing à la Bernie (and try to get in front of that steamroller).

    German exporters could surely live with a weaker euro.

    And the Chinese will be happy to soak in some paper.
  5. Trichet !! mr "vigalence"- what a muppet!
  6. The ECB has not engaged in QE, and there's no sign of that changing. From the article:

    Personally, I think this makes as much economic sense as listening to the typical ET poster, and I actually have a hard time seeing any daylight between Trichet and said typical ET poster. Europe would actually be recovering if Trichet and the rest of the ECB board weren't the sort that would feel comfortable with the crap - um, sorry, high learning - that gets posted here regularly, all of it on display in this thread, of course, since the usual stuff seems to be all you guys can ever come up with.
    There's only one post here, other than the cite of the article, that actually addresses the issue at hand.
  7. what about " mervyn king"? he is much more conservative- boring as hell to a local