Trichet: Default 'is out of the question'

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  1. Trichet: Greek plan justified collateral decision

    Trichet: Economy strengthening in spring
  2. Jean-Claude: I have a unicorn ranch if you want to visit it sometime.

    The euro is toast. A dead-man walking. Done.
  3. Trichet was a disgrace when running the French Central Bank.

    Each time he mentioned the French Franc was strong, it was a sell Franc buy Deutschmark signal

    Now that he is running the ECB, he has reached a new dimension, how can I qualify him?

    a space clown?

    A Ligne Maginot defender?

    Europe is digging its own grave

    Summer 2010 - Euro - R.I.P.
  4. Everybody panics when a currency is in a downtrend. Remember all of the "USD is dead" posts last year? What happened to that "inevitability"?
  5. frozzor


    usd is dead, euro is just more dead =]
    death of the fiats
  6. Try looking past the theatre. He is doing his job, and pretty well I might add.
  7. Want to bet the EUR will come out of this crisis stronger than ever before ? :) USD has been declared so many times "R.I.P" - can't count anymore...
  8. Watch the Euro/Gold price.

    Unlike the US, the EU marks their gold reserves to market.

    Gold will be their last chance. It's a question of timing and price. I think this is being reviewed at the BIS.

    (tinfoil hat off)