Treyvon Martin issue is starting to irritate the hell out of me

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  1. Sitting in Orlando metro area, this is ground zero. All these rallies start to remind of a scene when the crowd demanded pontius pilate sentence "someone" to death based on crowd demands.

    This case has reasonable doubt written all over it. A good lawyer will have a field day with it and if the grand jury that is scheduled to convene next month is insane enough to indict zimmerman on murder charges, the outcome 2-3 years down the road will be a hung jury or an acquittal. People have not learned anything from the Casey Anthony case. I saw the whole trial on tv. Justice and emotion don't mix. Casey's attorney's dragged the case until emotions cooled somewhat, got the jury outside of orange county and blew up the prosecution's case. Prosecution for their part, overreached and decided to go for broke on deeply circumstantial case.

    The person who called 911 was zimmerman. The kid did not call 911, he called his girlfriend instead. If I were followed by someone, I would start running and call 911. Not only that. the kid decided to confront zimmerman instead of running away from him.

    I just heard on my evening news that allegedly zimmerman had a busted bleeding nose and grass on his shirt and that was why the police did not arrest him. It is quite possible, if not probable, that the kid being a football player decided to confront zimmerman and the fight simply did not turn out as he expected.

    Either way, reasonable doubt will make sure this case won't amount to anything and Sharpton's of this world demanding zimmerman is convicted is not helping any.
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    The cops need to release more info about their investigation. This is the first I've heard about a bloody nose and grass stains.

    All I've heard was that the kid had a bag of skiddles or something and was followed and shot.

    Anyway, the FL Atty. General is going to investigate but if they want the furor to calm down they better release some more information that shows self-defense.
  3. I hope Rev Al ,the people and the media keeps it up until justice is served for Treyvon Martin
  4. This is likely to be a federal civil rights and murder case and the odds are better for a conviction imo
  5. "Fucking C**ns"

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  6. No chance of a federal hate crime. And every day that goes by that he was not arrested, at trial, his attorney could say, he was only arrested because of court of public opinion. It will come down to whether he has a competent attorney or not. If he gets one, the case will implode. Because of publicity, I am sure many attorneys will be attracted to it.

    I think many people don't understand the difference between being guilty and being proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. You can be guilty as hell but if you can't prove it the person walks.
  8. And I want to say this too. For girls is easier if they are foreign because police want to flirt and talk and they not judging you to be the criminal. But for boys is really hard because (some) police assume too much from their name, their accent, their appearance In my heart from what I read about this man Zimmerman, he assume too much, too fast, with no evidence.
  9. I will tell you my example from what I hear from the police officer in my city. He is talking to me and telling me to be safe. He tell me "Stay away from the niggers" This is police officer. So I know no every police officer think like this, but is real.
  10. damn , skittles are DANGEROUS

    How long before some numb nuts liberal wants to make them a controlled substance .
    It's for children's safety ya know.
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